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    Kannavis iTrade cannot accept any liability arising from users exchanging information through its website. In particular, we are not liable for the use that minors may make of the website should the contents harm their sensitivity.

  2. Updates and changes to the website

    Kannavis iTrade reserves the right to update, modify or delete the information contained on its website, and its configuration or presentation, at any time, without prior notice and without assuming any ensuing liability.

  3. Technical aspects

    At Kannavis itrade, we do not assume any liability that may arise from technical problems or failures of computer equipment, not attributable to our company, that may occur during connection to the Internet, along with any damage that may be caused by third parties by means of illegal interferences beyond the control of Kannavis iTrade.

    We also remain exempt of any liability regarding damages or harm to the user because of errors, defects, or omissions in the information that we provide when it comes from external sources.

  4. Processing of the user's data

    We fully comply with Canada's Data Privacy Act and our operations are 100% subject to what is laid down in said legislation. 

  5. Jurisdiction and applicable legislation 

    In general, the relations with our customers, which arise from the provision of the services contained on our website, are subject to Canadian jurisdiction and legislation.

  6. Warranty

    Kannavis iTrade clients benefit from having us as a third-party verification insurance policy to enforce warranties ( If applicable), only source out reputable AAA rating companies and uphold and enforce all clauses in contracts for all parties involved.

    No defect or damage caused by incorrect use or handling of the goods, or normal wear and tear, are included in the terms of this guarantee.

    Any reduction in the functionality of the products bought and sold using our network due to limitations in their conception are also excluded from the terms of the guarantee.

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