Law and jurisdiction

The importing, possession and traffic of hemp biomass and cannabis is subject to.regulation according to your domestic laws and legal framework.

The regulations and legislation regarding hemp biomass and cannabis vary from country to country. It is your responsibility to adhere, obey and enforce your country's laws with the legalization of hemp biomass and cannabis

As customers of Kannavis iTrade we ask that you accept the following conditions:

Kannavis iTrade markets hemp biomass, cannabis and other products that are not only legal in all countries we work with, but always under the condition that our customers do not use them for any unlawful purposes. All domestic laws do not prohibit the illegal purchase and sale of hemp biomass and cannabis, but adhere to legislative framework with proper permits, licensing, and code of conduct for handling products. 

Our clients will ship products on condition that they will not be used for any purpose other than those specified by legal framework within that country. Kannavis iTrade does not wish to encourage anyone to break the law. We expressly state that anyone using our platform to network and secure contracts is responsible for all future acts.

Kannavis iTrade has never, nor will ever authorize third parties to distribute products to countries where the trade of hemp/cannabis products is illegal; for this reason, Kannavis iTrade assumes no responsibility in this regard.